Seamless Digital Transformation of a Leading Member Organization for Retail Real Estate with Microsoft Power Platform

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Seeking a solution to address operational challenges and achieve a seamless digital transformation, a leading member organization in the retail real estate industry collaborated with Visionet. It aimed to streamline event registration, improve customer search functionality, simplify payment processes, automate order submissions, and introduce seamless badge printing to enhance efficiency and user experience. Visionet successfully transformed the client's event management platform using Microsoft Power Platform. With these improvements, the client is now on the path towards revolutionizing the US Retail Real Estate industry.


Our client faced a slew of significant obstacles that negatively impacted on the project's potential and undermined the user experience. The major challenges include:

  • Cumbersome and disjointed event registration process causing frustration among users
  • Limited customer search functionality hampering efficient registration
  • Complex and challenging card payment processing system
  • Manual order submission highly prone to errors



Visionet stepped in with an innovative solution, utilizing Microsoft Power Platform to overhaul the client’s processes. By leveraging Microsoft Power Platform, the client successfully transformed its event registration and management processes through Power Portals and enhanced customer search functionality with filters for improved search results. Secure collection of card details and automated order creation in the CRM system simplified the payment process. Automated order submissions and easy registration transfers between customers or sessions further optimized efficiency and user experience.


  • Streamlined Event Registration and Management
  • Enhanced Customer Search Functionality
  • Secure and Simplified Payment Process
  • Automated Order Submissions
  • Seamless Badge Printing Functionality
  • Overall User Experience and Efficiency


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