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Transformative Gen AI solutions from Visionet: Boosting ROI and empowering strategic decisions

Drive unmatched ROI with Visionet’s Gen AI—where expert consulting meets innovative engineering to upgrade your business processes. Our focus is on identifying and enhancing high-return processes from inception to ROI fruition, all within a framework that prioritizes security and compliance. Our Domain Accelerators are the engine behind your business’s reinvention, while our Gen AI fabric reinforces a robust IT ecosystem, optimizing software engineering, ensuring security and compliance, and streamlining operations with Gen AI Ops.

Visionet empowers your entire team—from management to the creative workforce—with precise insights, productivity boost and informed decisions in sectors like retail, healthcare, life sciences, pharma, and insurance. Step into an era where strategic execution is elevated by the transformative power of Gen AI.

Platforms and accelerators

Eugene is a Gen AI enablement platform for enterprise users. It enables enterprise users to extract information, improve productivity, automate processes, and reinvent the way they do business. It helps enterprise users to leverage proprietary and opensource Gen AI models in a secure and privacy preserving fashion while adhering to the fair and responsible AI principles.

A transformative retail platform that ensures businesses stay aligned with evolving customer preferences, driving growth and optimizing both business operations and customer engagement strategies.  

An advanced Pharma Innovation Platform that accelerates drug discovery processes and boosts patient retention rates in clinical trials, fostering innovation in pharmaceutical research. 

A cutting-edge contact center optimization platform that offers personalized customer experiences, leverages real-time analytics, and manages multi-channel interactions, thereby enhancing customer service efficiency.

A comprehensive Gen AI platform that provides automated multi-cloud support, facilitates low-code/no-code application development, and integrates LLM Operations, streamlining GenAI deployment and utilization.

Reimagine business with Gen AI

Gen AI is set to transform businesses across various sectors by automating and optimizing critical processes such as claims handling, product promotion, drug discovery, and customer engagement. With its broad array of applications, Visionet empowers organizations to transform their operations, foster innovation, and bolster competitiveness across a range of industries.

  • Claims processing 

  • Product promotions 

  • Underwriting 

  • Drug discovery and development​ 

  • Organization processes​ 

  • Commercial and medical ​affairs​ 

  • Customer acquisition and retention 

  • Omni-channel commerce 

  • Store operations​ 

  • Category/Brand and product lifecycle management​ 

Reimagine IT with Gen AI

Visionet's Gen AI offerings redefine software engineering, security, and operations, enhancing development, ensuring robust security, and optimizing operational efficiency. These services underscore Visionet's commitment to driving technological advancement and operational efficiency across industries.

  • Gen AI assisted SDLC​ 

  • Low code development ​ 

  • Code generation ​ 

  • Code auditing​ 

  • Test case creation ​ 

  • Automated bug ​ 

  • Gen AI based UI / UX​ 

  • Threat detection and prevention​ 

  • Automated response and remediation​ 

  • Data encryption and privacy​ 

  • Audit trail and documentation​ 

  • Compliance monitoring​ 

  • Automated monitoring and alerting​ 

  • Predictive maintenance​ 

  • Automated incident resolution​ 

  • Capacity planning and scalability​ 

  • Streamline IT service management

Boost productivity​ with Gen AI

Visionet's Gen AI solutions enhance efficiency and decision-making across all business levels, offering tools for automation, analysis, and strategic insights in management, sales, HR, IT, finance, and customer service. These solutions optimize operations, empower workforce productivity, and provide executives with actionable intelligence, driving innovation and competitive advantage for businesses.


  • Resource optimization and workflow automation 

  • Team performance analysis and targeted feedback 

  • Employee engagement insights and initiatives 

  • Lead scoring and​ personalized campaigns.​ 

  • Customer segmentation and competitive analysis.​ 

  • Insights for targeted messaging and product offerings.​ 

Operations and supply chain management: ​ 

  • Inventory optimization and supply chain visibility. ​ 

  • Vendor performance analysis and contract management. ​ 

  • Process automation for operations efficiency.​ 

Sales and​ marketing:​ 

HR and talent management:​​ 

  • Streamlined recruitment and candidate screening​ 

  • Personalized onboarding and training plans​​ 

  • Performance evaluation and career development recommendations​​ 

IT operations and development:​​ 

  • Gen AI Ops for automated monitoring and incident response 

  • Code generation, security monitoring, and infrastructure optimization​ 

Finance and accounting:​​ 

  • Automated expense tracking and financial reporting​​ 

  • Risk management and compliance assistance​​ 

  • Budget forecasting and invoice processing automation​​ 

Customer support and service:​ 

  • 24/7 chatbots and virtual assistants​ 

  • Automated ticketing and resolution​ 

  • Analysis of customer feedback for service improvements 

  • Executives and decision-makers:​ 

  • Strategic insights for​ informed decision-making​ 

  • Real-time dashboards and predictive analytics​ 

  • Automated reports for quick updates on business performance​ 

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