Insurance channel discovery

Built On The Evvox data platform

Discover new channels. Extend your data. Build securely.

Harness Insights
New channel discovery

Evvox is an end-to-end platform enabled for the insurance industry. Our North Star is to help you identify new channels of growth and increase your business. We make this possible through a combination of Advanced Analytics, AI/ML Technology, Intelligent Routing, Customer Segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value, Cross-sell/Up-sell, and much more all ready for your organization out of the box.

Extensibility engine

Our data platforms can not only ingest new data, but also integrate it into existing models.

Ingest and process

We've optimized ingestion and speed up new data 5x-10x

Identify data

We bring data models and external data together and build the foundation for insights

CRM ready

Equip your team to deliver value to your customers and sign new business

Discover high conversion channels

Evvox was built to help you ride the waves. Find new business in channels that have changed with time.


A Secure environment

Evvox is built to prioritize security with its cloud-based infrastructure that assures complete transparency, and full compliance.


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