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Unlock real-time interactive shopping experiences to boost online sales and increase customer engagement for your eCommerce business.

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As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Visionet stands at the forefront of Al-driven business transformation. Our privileged access to Microsoft's latest Al tools and resources positions us uniquely to guide our clients toward groundbreaking success. Leveraging our deep partnership with Microsoft, we infuse cutting-edge Al solutions into our service delivery, ensuring our clients not only reach but exceed their business objectives with advanced, data-driven decision-making capabilities

About Live Commerce

Live Commerce is the manifestation of Visionet's promise to revolutionize customer experience through product innovation and experience design. It is a live streaming marketplace where sellers can create their shopping channels and host live streaming shows to sell directly to a global audience. The platform is built around three imperatives:

  • Seller scalability
  • Human connection
  • Shopper convenience

Why Live Commerce?

Discover the new growth engine for E-commerce sales


Go live quickly with native connectors for your eCommerce and payment platforms.


Move inventory faster, outperform the competition, and empower store associates with digital tools


Engage customers at scale, improve brand experience, and increase conversion rate by up to 30%


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