Drive Brick-and-Mortar-like Shopping Experiences with Live Commerce

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While the transition from brick-and-mortar to digital space has drastically improved shopping experiences, both traditional and internet shopping come with their pros and cons. Live Commerce, however, effectively combines the upsides of both in a single platform.

In this white paper you will learn how live stream eCommerce :

  • Brings a brick-and-mortar-like shopping experience into your digital store
  • Can target a bigger audience through engaging, live video events
  • Enables influencer marketing and customized experiences
  • Tells the story behind the product
  • Allows for product review and feedback in real time
  • Enables real-time purchases to drastically boost sales


Visionet can help you harness the true potential of your online store by leveraging Live Commerce by incorporating the latest technologies and best industry practices – paving the way for high customer engagement, seamless live shopping experiences, and ultimately delivering high return on investment.

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