Visionet Systems Scales Operations in Pittsburgh, Opening Dedicated Office for AtClose Digital Mortgage Solutions


Visionet Systems Scales Operations in Pittsburgh, Opening Dedicated Office for AtClose Digital Mortgage Solutions

Pittsburgh, PA, January 24, 2024 /-- Visionet Systems, a leading provider of IT consulting and services, announced the opening of a new office in Pittsburgh, exclusively dedicated to serving AtClose customers, a Visionet Company. AtClose is renowned for its expertise in the lending business, offering innovative solutions to clients in the title and settlement industry.

Expanding Operations and Serving Client Needs

Recognizing the challenges of the lending industry, AtClose is committed to delivering customized solutions that differentiate its clients in the market. The new office aims to streamline operations, ensuring a more localized and personalized approach to meeting the unique needs of clients in the region.

Contributing to Local Employment

In addition to serving clients, Visionet's expansion is set to create employment opportunities within the Pittsburgh community. The company is committed to fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment, empowering local talent and contributing to the region's economic growth.

Kamran Ozair, CEO of Visionet Systems, said, "We are excited to begin this strategic expansion in Pittsburgh, a city known for its innovation and vibrant community. This move enables us to better serve our clients by being more accessible and responsive to their evolving needs.” He further added, “We see our presence in Pittsburgh not only as an opportunity to provide top-tier services to our clients but also as a chance to be an active participant in the local community. Creating job opportunities and contributing positively to the region's workforce aligns with our core values.”

About Visionet:

Visionet is an engineering-led company driven by innovation. In 27+ years, we've helped over 350 clients across various industries to innovate faster, remain relevant, and build better products and services. With more than 8,000 people worldwide, across our locations, Visionet provides transformational consulting, technology, and outsourcing services and solutions for a broad range of industries.

About AtClose:

AtClose, a Visionet Company, is a leading expert in lending solutions. Specializing in the title and settlement industry, AtClose offers innovative, cloud-based platforms. Learn more at: