5 best practices for mobile-first ecommerce in 2019

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Today, most users browse websites on their mobile devices. Mobile commerce continues to grow every year, and currently accounts for 60% of total digital market growth.

87% of buyers begin their journey by searching for products on their phone, but 38% of mobile users say they are unable to navigate sites properly on mobile devices. Delivering an intuitive and engaging mobile experience is essential.

However, most retail websites are still optimized for traditional PCs. Even mobile-optimized online stores are usually based on desktop-oriented architecture. In order to maximize their conversion rates, online retailers must prepare for this rapid shift to a “mobile-first” world.

With the help of the 5 strategies in this eBook, you’ll be able to build a eCommerce site that’s designed to address the needs and expectations of mobile shoppers. As a result, you’ll be able to convert more visits to sales and significantly improve customer retention.

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