Revolutionizing Data’s Potential: Visionet’s AI-driven Data Modernization for a Leading Biotech

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Visionet's AI-driven Data Modernization transformed a leading biotech's complex data landscape, enabling faster insights and accelerating drug discovery. 


The client is a prominent biotechnology company with over 35 years of experience in developing life transforming medicines globally. Their expertise lies in conducting ambitious research projects and translating scientific breakthroughs into effective medicines.  


The client faced significant challenges with vast, unstructured data scattered across different business silos. Organizing and classifying this data posed challenges, limiting its utility across various business use cases. Moreover, extracting data based on user requests proved time-consuming and required substantial manual effort.  


Visionet implemented an AI-powered Data Modernization transformation. Streamlining data access and automating data classification and standardization were key aspects of our solution. We initiated the process by extracting information from the client’s diverse data silos. By leveraging advanced AI techniques, we standardized the data, facilitating its easier access and utilization. Additionally, we employed AI-powered visualization tools for effective representation of structured data and streamlined data querying.  

This solution processed 25M+ records, linked 3M+ entities, and accelerated data discovery by 15-20%. 

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