Visionet Leveraged AWS Cloud Services for a Leading In-Home Accommodation Platform

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The client is a leading tech-enabled, in-home accommodations platform that simplifies short-term rental industry’s back-of-the-house operations.  


The client was unable to cater to the needs of constantly growing business and technology demands. Moreover, because of a lack of technological expertise, every time the client wanted to rescale or expand its systems, it had to hire external resources and wait for days, costing them in terms of finances and valuable time. 


The client partnered with Visionet to enable the desired cloud scalability and efficiency. Team Visionet proposed AWS Cloud Services, which delivered seamless, secure, and resizable computing for all kinds of workloads. The client was also seeking a cost-effective cloud environment. The move to AWS cloud offered a usage-based pricing model – empowering the client with complete financial governance over every cloud operation. 

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