Overhaul of a Fortune 500 Insurer's DataOps

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Visionet empowered a Fortune 500 Insurer's data operations, achieving a 30% cost reduction, enhanced security, and improved end-to-end data visibility.


Our client had numerous data sources that were being managed in siloes. The company lacked a proper method for integrating this data and effectively utilizing it. Additionally, the customer had moved its data from the old system to the new one in order to fulfill the constantly growing data management needs. This shift was not smooth, however, and it clogged the system and used a lot of storage space, which had a detrimental effect on the business by reducing the system’s functioning and performance.


Team Visionet conducted a Health Check Assessment and Gap Analysis on the client’s current Big Data Platform to understand the implications of the challenges. 

The Health Check Assessment provided the client with insights regarding the existing data platform challenges. In order to optimize performance and costs, we provided helpful guidelines for a truly Modern Data Platform with no capacity issues that would perform as desired, irrespective of the size of the queries and the data use case.

The Benefits

  • Significant cost savings
  • Enhanced data security
  • High scalability of the system
  • Improved system efficiency and performance

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