Unlocking Cloud Potential: Strategies for Maximizing Efficiency and Security

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Explore how our proprietary Cloud Management Platform helped optimize the cloud infrastructure of a global pharmaceutical company for increased efficiency and security.


Our client is one of the world’s leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

The client’s cloud infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services. As the infrastructure grew in complexity, it made way for a multitude of challenges including:

  • AWS Resource management was getting increasingly difficult
  • Communication between hardware and software settings for cloud-based elements was inadequate
  • Policies for server retirement, server provisioning, and patching were not established
  • The absence of proper SOPs resulted in challenges in cost optimization, rightsizing, and determining ownership of unused resources.
  • Lack of clarity into task ownership because of primitive ticket management process
  • Miscommunication and inadequate team collaboration resulting from minimal and outdated SLA and SOP documentation


Visionet proposed deploying its proprietary Cloud Management Platform to manage all current AWS Virtualization Objects such as clusters, hosts, datastores, networks, and virtual machines.

Observability Program was introduced to enhance the monitoring and analyzing of critical incidents. It also delivered a unified view of Cloud infrastructure health across all 9 business units.

End-to-end server security was ensured through timely updates and latest encryption mechanisms. Custom templates and scripts were developed to facilitate automated updates.

In addition to cloud service impact monitoring, cloud infrastructure management was also streamlined and simplified by adopting the command-line interface (CLI) approach.

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