Establishing a True DataOps Culture for a Leading Biotech Company

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Our client, a leading biotechnology company, was facing operational inefficiencies due to siloed teams working independently with little collaboration. The organization lacked well-defined operational processes, and  the instability with its existing data platform resulted in high platform costs and usage inefficiency. The client needed a strong data engineering unit to standardize and define its processes, team structure, tools, and product roadmap, which would enable them to improve business value, performance, and efficiency.


Visionet established a dedicated DataOps team and paved the way for a true DataOps culture. We established a core team to define and standardize processes, which enabled the client to achieve maturity in incident management. We also stabilized the client’s data platform, which improved performance and reduced costs. Visionet leveraged continuous integration & continuous deployment principles and automated deployment & execution for the client, which allowed them to achieve  agility in their data operations and ensured faster data delivery for business users.


  • 100% reduction in major incidents 
  • 90% improvement in flow-related defects and fixes
  • Up to 15% reduction in operational costs per annum
  • Up to 25% reduction in pipeline and platform-related incidents
  • 99% service availability and SLA compliance 

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