Enhancing the Infrastructure Management Capabilities of a Leading Luxury Apparel and Fashion Accessories Brand

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Our client, a leading luxury apparel and fashion accessories brand, was seeking smooth migration to a newer Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to enhance its infrastructure management capabilities and save additional costs and time. 


Our client was running its daily state of affairs on the 2007 version of the ASM deployment model. Not only was it costing in terms of finances and time, but the ASM was also not developer-friendly when it came to service configuration on Azure.

The company was planning a transition to a newer ARM system but was unsuccessful in doing so for over two and a half years. That’s when it reached out to Visionet to perform a seamless migration.


Solution Implemented

Visionet’s expertise enabled a smooth transition of the client’s development and production from ASM to ARM in just three months. The engagement included:

  • Remote on-premises service installation
  • Migration of VOIP to the cloud
  • Upgradation of network devices
  • Infrastructure modernization

Post-engagement Insightss

  • Accelerated migration from ASM to ARM
  • Infrastructural overhaul powered by Dynamics 365
  • 100% reduction in Azure spends
  • 50% decrease in monthly production billing

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