Fuelling Efficiency: Tenovos Transforms Digital Asset Management with AWS

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Visionet developed an end-to-end, scalable digital asset management platform that solidified Tenovos’s marketing and creative ecosystems as well as improved their team’s efficiency, reduced costs, increased flexibility, and ensured seamless customizability. 


Tenovos is a leading digital asset management company that transforms the way brands connect with their customers. Their platform enables consumer brands to augment their content with intelligence using transformative data.

Tenovos was building a digital asset management solution that solves the challenge of integrating marketing and creative ecosystems in a unified platform. The aim is to attain global visibility, marketing governance, and fulfill the content demands of their customers.

The client also wants to achieve seamless personalization in terms of customization and configuration for each customer while maintaining the core codebase. Furthermore, the product’s architecture needs to deliver faster onboarding for new clients and deliver flexibility to handle a wide range of diverse clients.


After an in-depth evaluation of the underlying challenges, Tenovos knew that their vision of an end-to-end integrated and unified digital asset management could be realized with the power of AWS.

With a team of Amazon-certified consultants and engineers well-versed with AWS solutions, Visionet proved to be the right partner that helped Tenovos build a product that delivered efficiency, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and customizability.

The SaaS-based Digital Asset Management product solidifies the marketing and creative ecosystems of Tenovos’ customers through content aggregation and streamlined processes to deliver unparalleled agility. Equipped with cloud-native capabilities, it delivers content in an agile manner on the backdrop of high scalability. A microservices architecture ensures optimal backend load and data management, while the APIs are fully protected to offer simplified and secure user sign-in, sign-up, and access control.

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