Boosting Organic Market Share for a Leading Lingerie Brand with Full-Service SEO Solutions

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To enhance its organic online presence in the lucrative US and UK markets, a renowned global lingerie brand leveraged Visionet's Full-Service SEO Solutions. This strategic partnership successfully transformed the brand's challenges into triumphs, resulting in significant improvements across various metrics, including enhanced brand visibility, higher keyword rankings, increased organic traffic, amplified revenue, and improved operational efficiency.


While the brand wanted to sustain its growth and penetrate deeper into the US market, it faced limitations in tracking KPIs, optimizing organic search performance, and making data-driven decisions regarding Core Web Vitals releases.


Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Visionet deployed a multifaceted, full-service SEO strategy encompassing the following steps:

  • SEO Audit 
  • Strengthening KPI tracking and reporting
  • Optimizing Core Web Vitals
  • Custom organic search strategy 
  • Brand visibility soared by 21% YoY, with 4 million+ impressions on Google.
  • UK keyword rankings improved by 55%, US by 48%.
  • Organic traffic became the primary source, with a 40% increase in sessions (+500k)
  • Organic revenue surged by £1.8M, marking a 37% hike.
  • Operational efficiency improved with £1.8M of organic assisted conversions.


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