Unleashing Unbounded Scalability: An AI-powered Modern Data Platform Implementation for an Insurance Company

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Visionet's AI-powered solution revamped a leading insurer's data platform, boosting efficiency, security, and scalability while delivering cost savings and end-to-end visibility.


The client is a leading life insurance provider, delivering its services to millions of customers. Their aim is to ensure financial security worldwide through their comprehensive range of offerings. 


The client struggled with an outdated data platform causing operational hurdles, which aggravated during data migration to a new system. This resulted in system clogging and excessive storage utilization, hindering performance. Moreover, the absence of data observability and monitoring mechanisms caused scalability issues while inadequate release management impeded effective data querying and utilization.  


To address these challenges, Visionet implemented an AI-powered Modern Data Platform solution, optimizing storage utilization through advanced techniques. We utilized AI-driven predictive analytics to forecast storage needs and enable proactive infrastructure scaling. Leveraging AI-algorithms, we automated resource provisioning to ensure optimal resource allocation. Additionally, we optimized the release cycle by implementing AI-driven CI/CD pipelines, enabling frequent and reliable updates.  

This solution not only improved cost savings, but also enhanced system efficiency and performance. 

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