A Futureproof Security Solution for a Leading Asian Bank with IBM’s Security QRadar

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The client required a comprehensive solution that provided insights into their attack surface, as well as, automation and orchestration for rapid incident investigation and resolution. The organization was seeking proactive monitoring for their system to secure valuable customer information, protect their intellectual property, and mitigate disruptions to their daily state of affairs via effective threat detection and rapid response.


The financial  institution  was  searching  for  a SOAR  solution  that  would  minimize the  strain  on their  SOC  team  by  automating  the  entire  incident response lifecycle and providing complete insight into their attack surface. However, with present solution capabilities and scale,  the organization was unable to meet the fast-evolving   technological and market needs. The team was lacking strong security components that match the norms and criteria of the regulatory bodies in banking operations.


Team Visionet proposed IBM QRadar, a security intelligence solution that provides knowledge of the most important security risks to the database that must be avoided. IBM QRadar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a central, unified platform that provides businesses with comprehensive visibility across organizational data and data-driven insights to forecast high-priority security threats.

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