GHG Emissions Reporting using Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

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Amidst growing global environmental concerns, the businesses are more focused on their GHG emissions and net zero goals. The introduction of the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, SB 253, is a strong hint that this will also become a compliance challenge for organizations globally. Businesses need to adapt swiftly, and become ready to navigate this landscape to remain compliant while amplifying sustainability narrative?
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At Visionet, we understand the complexities of this transformation. As the Microsoft Solutions Partner, we leverage Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to help you attain carbon footprint reduction in three simple steps — encompassing everything from capturing to tracking GHG emissions: 

  1. Envisioning 
  2. Pilot 
  3. Rollouts 


With successful GHG emissions reporting, we can help you: 

  • Streamline GHG processes with unmatched precision 
  • Harness analytics for impactful emissions strategies 
  • Navigate a structured path to excel in ESG targets 
  • Ensure top-tier compliance with specialized tools 


Download our brochure and equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to not only remain compliant but also be a sustainability leader in your industry. Discover how Visionet can be your trusted partner in this crucial endeavor.

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