Gearing Towards The Next Normal

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One thing organisations have learnt in the wake of the recent disruptions is that constantly revamping digital prowess is vital for long term business success. Human-machine collaboration is essential to run operations seamlessly. While machines take care of repetitive tasks, humans utilize augmented intelligence technologies like Cognitive RPA to make important decisions.


  • Systems of Records are transitioning to the cloud and mandate Hybrid Integration strategies to keep everyone in sync. E.g., Adoption of iPaaS
  • AI is being infused in the process and helps the human worker to take just in time decisions based on information mined internally as well as externally. E.g., Smarter Supply Chains.
  • Digital Process Automation keeps track of the work in progress, and which is being divided between automated bots, AI, and Humans. E.g., Process Orchestration technologies.
  • API Economy becomes more real as startup ecosystem latches on to B2B capabilities of the enterprise. E.g., Uber.
  • Customers are increasingly demanding online and digital experiences, which reduce their struggle and allows interoperability with different partners like Banks, Government etc.


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