Marking the End of 2020 with a Win: Visionet Ranks in Industry Tech Insights List of Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Retail


Marking the End of 2020 with a Win: Visionet Ranks in Industry Tech Insights List of Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Retail

December 09, 2020 – Provider of a wide spectrum of digitally enabled services that proliferate digital transformation globally, Visionet Systems, Inc. makes its way to Industry Tech Insights list of Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Retail.
Arshad Masood, Founder and CEO of Visionet, describes the underlying mission of his organization in the following words,
“Visionet creates sustainable and scalable digital, data analytic teams and processes, alongside fine-tuning operational performance on feedback and operational statistics.”
Part of the December 2020 issue of the magazine, the list comprises of companies that have exhibited excellence in the retail sector. Sharing the spot with nine other decorated companies, Visionet promises to provide its clients with end-to-end business solutions that help them generate demand in the global omnichannel ecosystem. For apparel and footwear, HauteLogic is at your disposal while Essential Supply Chain deals with digitization of the food and beverage industry. Additionally, Visionet stays competitive by providing value-added services as well. One of these is PartnerLink that enables seamless and end-to-end digital connectivity. PartnerLinQ – Connector for Commerce is another eCommerce solution that allows quick omnichannel integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate a consistent cross-channel brand experience to consumers. Visionet also offers a data warehousing solution that helps business reach their full potential, and also introducing a new product called Morpheus—a robust, accurate, and flexible forecasting platform infused with intelligence acting as a Control Tower to drive a range of critical business decisions for agile supply chains.
It doesn’t end there. The Industry Tech Insights report also highlighted Visionet’s upcoming plans at “becoming a $250 million company, alongside expanding their business in the UK in 2021.”
With the COVID-19 crisis taking the world by storm, consumers were forced look for online channels for shopping. Adapting to the changing trends and keeping up with the new reality of tech-dominated retail, staying ahead of the curve posed an arduous challenge. Visionet navigated through these challenges with flying colors and established itself as a top organization in the realm of retail digital transformation.
At a time when adapting to and living with the new normal is the only option there is, Industry Tech Insights is a leading print platform that is guiding organizations through the continuously changing technology landscape and featuring enterprise solutions to redefine business goals for the days to come. Being ranked as a top company in the retail industry by this platform is surely a win.

About Visionet

A full-service IT consulting and services company, Visionet proudly serves global brands in Europe, Asia and the USA. It has delivered digital solutions and services for over 25 years that assists its clients upsurge agility, cut down costs and curtail business risks. Leveraging the power of latest technologies that include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning and blockchain capabilities, Visionet helps its clients on their journey of digital transformation.
Headquartered in Cranbury, USA, Visionet has 5000+ employees in six locations worldwide. For more information, please visit

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