Empowering Security: Visionet’s Sentinel Solution Redefines Cyber Resilience

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The client is an American luxury leather goods brand. Originally a men’s supplier of belts, suspenders, and ties, the company now specializes in handbags and small accessories. 


The client was encountering challenges related to unavailability of qualified technical resources and infrastructure tools to monitor ransomware attacks or abnormal behaviour. It was looking for a partner to guide them in implementing a solution for threat visibility and proactive monitoring using a unified portal.   


The client partnered with Visionet to offer round-the-clock security monitoring. Visionet’s Red Team conducted a compromise assessment activity to detect existing web shells/backdoors and RATs in the environment to ensure no existing attacker was present in the infrastructure.  

With the implementation of Microsoft Sentinel, the client was able to get a single solution for attack detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response. 

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