Transforming Medical Aesthetics: Unleashing Data’s Potential through AI-Driven Data Modernization

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Visionet's AI-driven Data Modernization platform empowered a US aesthetics leader with insights, time savings, automation, and self-service, fueling informed decisions and growth. 


The client is a renowned player in the US Medical Aesthetics Sector, specializing in manufacturing advanced devices used in various cosmetic procedures, including laser hair removal, skin treatments, and body sculpting.  


The client’s domain data was stored across diverse systems, complicating data management and necessitating extensive manual effort from business users to consolidate data for reports. Furthermore, the absence of a single source of truth hindered report creation and insights extraction.    


Visionet introduced an advanced AI-driven Modern Data Platform, streamlining data ingestion from various sources into a centralized warehouse for easier access.  Leveraging AI, our solution automatically identified and consolidated relevant information, reducing manual effort. Additionally, a self-service reporting platform empowered users to access detailed insights independently, reducing the need for technical assistance.  

This all-encompassing solution offered a complete view of the data and established a data rich environment, enabling easy access to insights and fostering sustainable growth.  

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