Transforming A Leading FMCG's Data Infrastructure For Improved Distributor Management and Business Growth

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The case study is about a multinational consumer goods company that operates globally and owns over 400 popular brands. Due to the size of its distribution network, the company was generating large volumes of raw data daily and struggled to track key performance indicators and track distributor performance. To address these challenges, Visionet implemented a modern data platform to store and process large amounts of data, which also empowered the client to easily analyze and decipher the data without creating dependencies on the internal IT team.


Our client with global customer base, was facing difficulties in processing and extracting key insights from large volumes of raw data generated daily from their distribution network of 300,000 retail locations and 700 distribution partners. The company struggled to track key performance indicators such as brand penetration, distributor and sales performance, and retail outlet performance across all levels of product, region, and channel hierarchies. Advanced data processing and analytics capabilities were key to not only manage this data but also to obtain useful insights from it. 


Visionet proposed a technologically advanced data platform solution that included creating an ingestion and processing framework, powered by Azure technologies, to ingest the data into a data lake and process it. Visionet also provided an advanced reporting and analytics platform for monitoring KPIs in real-time, and created more than 600 KPIs to track organizational performance. The modern data platform supported end-to-end decision making for 450+ business users, with built-in capabilities for self-generated reports.

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