Large Retail Chain Gains Competitive Edge Through Data-Driven Pricing Strategies with Google Cloud

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The client is a key US retailer with more than 2,400 stores engaged in the business of specialty bedding and mattresses. The company was looking forward to boosting its competitive edge through strategic pricing.  


Over the years, the company has encountered obstacles in tailoring an effective pricing strategy that is fine-tuned with the ever-changing market conditions and competitor offerings.  

The company was looking forward to maintaining its apex position in the market and gaining real-time insights into competitors’ pricing practices. Additionally, the client needed information on up-to-date prices for all the brands and SKUs that their key competitors offered.  


The client collaborated with Visionet to enhance its market competitiveness through revolutionary pricing strategies by harnessing the power of Google Cloud technologies.  

Visionet came up with a proficient solution by crafting a robust price comparison engine leveraging Google Cloud technologies and incorporating Cloud Functions, Cloud Scheduler and Big Query.  

Visionet created an automated reporting system with integrated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to precisely summarize vital data points and analyze pricing discrepancies on a weekly basis. These synergetic efforts provided the client with a groundbreaking competitive edge, seamless decision making and enhanced profitability. 

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