Elevating Customer Experiences: Microservices Transformation for a Leading Mobile Service Provider

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Our client, a leading EMEA telecommunications service provider, sought to enhance user experiences across mobile and web platforms. However, its outdated application architecture frequently crashing hindered its capabilities to scale. This is where Visionet stepped in. By embracing an on-premises microservices architecture, we propelled its applications to new heights. Results? With an impressive subscriber growth of 158 million+ active users, our client's journey is nothing short of extraordinary.


Boasting a rich legacy, offering a range of cutting-edge internet solutions and bespoke digital products, our client faced the following obstacles: 

  • Outages from unstable monolithic architecture 
  • Prolonged development cycles and implementation challenges 
  • The absence of robust analytics and monitoring tools 
  • High OpEx due to operational inefficiencies 
  • Limited user-centric features 


The Visionet Impact 

Imagine achieving a staggering 99.8% crash-free rate, ensuring uninterrupted user interactions. Visionet prioritized user engagement through strategy redesign and application development and enhancements. This significantly minimized waiting times, enabled instant offer activations, and ensured a flawless 100% prepaid and postpaid functionality. Leveraging our open-source stack and adaptable campaign strategies, we empowered it to navigate the digital landscape adeptly.  

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