Mattress Firm: BI Solution Streamlines Information Management

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Overview Visionet designed a solution that helped Mattress Firm simplify product information management. We deployed a high-performance enterprise BI solution that provided detailed reports across business functions.


Mattress Firm is a mattress and bedding retailer with the largest geographic footprint in the United States, multi-channel customer touchpoints, and over 3,500 company-operated and franchised stores across 49 states.

Mattress Firm needed to address multiple challenges related to information accuracy, operational visibility, and customer service. Information duplication in data marts, multiple versions of master data, and multiple data universes for each business unit caused discrepancies in reports. Existing reports provided limited visibility into a narrow range of metrics. Creating reports was also time-consuming and labor-intensive. Performance issues related to their support ticket system was negatively impacting customer satisfaction.


Visionet leveraged its expertise in enterprise data warehousing, reporting, and analytics to design and deploy a data management solution that helped Mattress Firm streamline

information management. We established product masters to maintain one version of each product across Mattress Firm’s systems and deployed a data visualization tool that provided a top-down view to business users and executives.

Visionet designed a high-performance enterprise BI solution to provide consolidated information on key performance indicators (KPIs) and detailed reports across business functions and departments. Visionet also built an agile search mechanism for the ticketing system to improve employee efficiency. We also enhanced the inventory module to generate reports that provide visibility into inventory KPIs across different subject areas.

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