Reducing Ownership Costs for Business Applications

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Visionet performed a comprehensive cloud analysis, identified significant overprovisioning of Azure resources, and recommended VM right-sizing and reduction of premium SSD storage for lower cloud spend.


Our client is a leading international reinsurer whose customer relationships are based on years of trust. They sought to streamline their current infrastructure, seamlessly migrate to Microsoft Azure, and secure their Microsoft Azure implementations, allowing them to focus on their core business processes instead of their technology infrastructure. To accomplish this, they needed to establish a standardized and automated cloud adoption strategy.


Visionet ran a detailed analysis on the client’s current Microsoft Azure implementations and gave them a comprehensive document containing recommendations and best practices. We identified resource overprovisioning on their Azure subscriptions that had significant price implications. An in-depth review of their logs revealed underutilization of various resources. We recommended VM right-sizing and limiting use of premium SSD storage to reduce cloud spend.

Visionet reduced cloud costs by automating VM startup, shutdown, and auto-scaling based on actual usage. We proposed various standards and tags for them to use in their Azure deployment to monitor costs associated with individual resources. We also recommended the use of role-based access to Azure resources to track user activity, and implemented strict policies that improved infrastructure security and resilience.

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