Efficient Process Optimization through RPA

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Overview Visionet transformed an international bank’s legacy platform integration, data entry, and cloud archival processes using RPA bots, resulting in an increase in efficiency of over 6x.


Our client is a large international bank. Previously, they had been performing several important business tasks manually, including data migration, keying data from scanned documents into their core banking application. These manual activities were time-consuming and error-prone, negatively impacted staff productivity, and diverted bank personnel’s attention from more important work.

The client wanted to improve efficiency while reducing operational costs and complexity. To accomplish these goals, they required a single platform that would automate these repetitive tasks and facilitate communication between their legacy and modern applications in real time.


Visionet leveraged its experience in Robotic Process Automation to transform several of the client’s processes, including legacy platform integration, data entry, and cloud archival. We used UiPath bots to reconcile records between the client’s legacy AS400 system and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which made valuable business information available for use via their e-services portal and mobile apps.

UiPath bots were trained to monitor specific email accounts for new attachments, correctly identify specific forms, extract information from the forms, and fill the relevant forms in the client’s banking application. Average data entry time dropped from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. Bots were also used to convert recordings of voice calls to MP3 format and upload them to Azure cloud storage. The time required to complete the recording archival process was reduced from several days to just a few hours.

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