Europe's Largest Specialty Pharmacy Transforms Its Data Management For Data-driven Healthcare

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On the lookout for a reliable data platform partner to help them deliver quality care and maximize patient satisfaction, a leading specialty pharmacy in Europe trusted Visionet’s Modern Data Platform. This collaboration allowed the brand to bridge the gaps in its healthcare system and offer personalized patient care with a 360° patient view.


The brand wanted to deliver high-quality healthcare to large volumes of patients in the UK and Europe. However, its outdated legacy data platform hindered its ability to provide personalized services as it struggled with scattered information storage points in a decentralized system. Poor integration with its patient application halted its access to behavioral insights, impeding critical service enhancements. The lack of a self-serving reporting platform and manual processes also caused delays and operational overheads.


Team Visionet proposed the implementation of a Modern Data Platform (MDP). Our service offering helped them pave the way for seamless resolution of the highlighted pain points, allowing the client to address these challenges progressively.

Post-engagement Insights

  • Improved Patient Care
  • Advanced Analytics Capabilities
  • Effective Management of Data
  • Seamless decommissioning of legacy systems
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • End-to-end cost-effectiveness
  • Ensured scalability & accessibility
  • Unified data repository
  • 360° view of patients
  • Enhanced security & scalability
  • Enablement of self-serve reporting

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