A Leading Women's Apparel, Accessories, And Home Décor Retailer Organically Improves Its Growth Indicators

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Seeking to reinvent its sitewide user experience, the client leveraged Visionet’s comprehensive digital consulting services packaged with modern commerce and SEO technologies — enabling an end-to-end eCommerce site transformation, improved share of voice, and continued differentiation.


A leading fashion apparel brand sought to overcome its outdated legacy email tools. Their worn-out platforms hindered their ability to target unique segments and deliver personalized campaigns. Such redundancies in email marketing cost them integration expenses and increased bounce rates.


Visionet enabled the brand to completely transform its eCommerce site with its end-to-end digital consulting services. It offered scalable cloud integrations, sitewide digital acceleration, and full-fledged SEO services.

Post-engagement Insights

  • Improved Rankings on SERPs
  • Sitewide SEO Optimization
  • More Customer Engagement
  • Intuitive and Engaging UX
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased Click-through rates 
  • More Share of Voice

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