Maximizing Customer Satisfaction and Boosting Operational Efficiency with an Advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP)

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Visionet teamed up with a leading fashion brand to implement a state-of-the-art retail data platform. We equipped the client with the cross-channel data management platform and enabled them to better understand customer interactions. 
How We Helped the Retailer?

The client was dealing with large volumes of data coming in from multiple sources. Visionet’s aim was to consolidate the client’s data to enable them to create a 360° view of the customer and extract rich & actionable insights.

Visionet proposed the implementation of AcuitySpark – a holistic customer data and analytics platform that helped the client unify data from multiple internal and external sources – allowing them to consolidate, cleanse, and deduplicate customer information across all touchpoints.

The Impact

  • Enhanced customer support
  • Intelligent reporting and analytics
  • Data unification
  • Increased sales
  • Complete customer visibility
  • Better inventory tracking
  • High ROI
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