A Leading Fashion Apparel Brand Reimagines Email Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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A leading fashion apparel brand had been grappling with redundant legacy email tools that hindered its ability to run more targeted campaigns.


A leading fashion apparel brand was facing redundancies in email marketing, owing to its dependence on two legacy email tools that no longer remained viable. Targeting prime segments using these worn-out platforms cost the brand a myriad of issues across customer touchpoints. The brand was unable to address recipients by name, personalize their messages, or segment their prime segments while the integration costs and bounce rate kept rising. They were looking for a comprehensive solution that would not only address the ongoing challenges but also ensure their teams had the capabilities pertinent to the new solution.


Visionet’s well-rounded teams coupled with Salesforce technologies reshaped the email marketing dynamics for the leading brand. As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) certified partner, we helped them identify the Salesforce tools apt to maximize their business value while supporting their teams in fully harnessing the platform adoption forte. To ensure comprehensive resolution with efficient delivery, the SFMC implementation of the legacy tools rolled out in the two following phases, focusing: 

  • Promotional and transactional emails. 
  • Behavior-based journeys

Post-engagement Results

  • Increased conversions 
  • Reduction in bounce rates 
  • More engagement per page/session
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Expanded customer reach
  • Effective customer engagement strategies
  • More optimized marketing efforts

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