Accelerate Power Platform Adoption with Center of Excellence Enablement

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Are you leveraging every opportunity to automate and innovate within your business? Imagine having the tools and expertise to transition from potential to proven success!
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Visionet's 8-week Accelerated Power Platform Adoption with Center of Excellence Enablement Workshop can help you get there! In this brochure, you'll delve into the unparalleled value of this workshop, designed to unfold the massive potential of Microsoft's Power Platform suite. Unveil cutting-edge tools tailored for automating workflows, crafting bespoke applications, and garnering data-driven insights for a smooth Power Platform adoption.

In only 8-weeks, position your business for unprecedented growth by learning to: 

  • Quickly adopt and implement Power Platforms 
  • Build a robust governance model 
  • Empower your CoE team 
  • Optimize performance 
  • Boost efficiency and foster growth 


Your gateway to business transformation using Power Platform could be just one workshop away! Discover more by downloading our brochure. To access the workshop, click here. 

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